Compassion during Covid-19

We are ready to distribute face masks that we’ve been working on for more than 1 week. It’s been a very frightening and confusing time for the villagers since the covid-19 pandemic has ravaged the  world.

We are doing what we can with what we have in our Jivan Freedom Center in this global crisis. Making masks and distributing them to the local villagers was an obvious decision to make.





It’s been pretty exciting to get out and be together as a team again! They are loving this.


On March 20th Malina and Sebika took the village train to go to the Bazarre to buy our Salvaged fabrics for our Jivan projects. Little did we realize that this load of fabric would be exactly what we needed to sew the hundreds of face masks needed in weeks to come!



People from the village are very thankful and surprised that we would provide these hand sewn masks for free.


Since we are all isolated in our homes the women and girls cannot enter the sewing room, so we are strategizing our plans through daily group facetime calls; encouraging each other and staying productive. We love this!


Production continues daily as approximately 100 face masks are being sewn and assembled daily. We are so grateful that we had a small inventory of fabric that we could utilize for this urgent need. We’re collaborating with other groups to provide masks to leaders that are giving food rations to the neediest communities. We’re in this together,  compassionately uniting at a very unstable time. Together we can get through this.


Malina’s daughters are happy to be a part of the production. They’re helping her with sewing and making their own T shirts designs.




Our Artisans will continue to come to Jivan Freedom Center to bring their finished kantha fabrics and receive their pay during isolation time.



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