One of a kind…


Each bag has a story, they’re as unique and beautiful as the women who make them.  Keep scrolling to see only a few of our designs…there’s more to come:)


We’ve been working very hard on designing a line of totes, fitness straps and bags.  They’re ethically made, gorgeous and sustainable.

What sustainability means to Jivan…?

Sustainability for us is using high quality upcycled materials and fabrics to create each unique design. We continue to experiment with different fabrics and materials to make the highest quality, beautifully hand crafted piece, just for you.

It’s about empowering women,  providing training, creating jobs with livable wages and sustainable income for our women artisans. See Jivan Sewing Center 

It’s about preserving culture. Putting hand made artforms like kantha stitching at the center of our designs. Each bag is designed with a different inspirational word or message.

A little sneak peak of only a couple designs we’re working on; A pouch with fitness strap and our fitness bags.


Each set includes a Pouch with fitness mat strap


Double wide cuffs on this Yoga belt, adjustable, key ring, velcro  

c6a82b58-a1af-494c-87e8-5f0a241594e4 - Copy

Each pouch has a gorgeous matching fitness mat strap…


af3379ad-47bd-47a2-ac0a-1cb9ba1bf84d - Copy

b702f931-def2-4342-95e8-1673f057892c - Copy


Malina is showing off just a few of our fitness bag designs and colors…











Each Yoga Bag is uniquely designed with kantha art on the straps and kantha straight hand stitch on the entire bag, fully lined, with handy pockets for water bottle, keys and cell phone, There’s even room for your work out gear!


We have so much more in store…just wait and see!


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Passionate about empowering women to live their lives with purpose, excellence, health and wellness!

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