Since the beginning of 2018 we have been pursuing this dream, our vision for a community Center in this village. We have been operating in her humble little home quite efficiently, then we realized how quickly Malina’s home has run out of space, and this is a GOOD problem!

This land became available and seems to be an incredible answer to our situation!

Malina & her family standing in front of the land
Malina and her family standing by the land.

The positive response and feedback has been overwhelming by the women.  They need employment, mentoring, training, a safe community center, sex education and awareness for the girls and the list goes on. This is where the Jivan Sewing training and business will be. Our online store will be a focal point for sales. Our goal is to eventually have a self sustaining community center and business.

We’ve been working very hard on creating our line of products, and we can’t wait to reveal them to you! I’ll be back in India this coming Feb. 2019 and I hope to launch my new line of bags and apparel in Spring 2019!

Our apparel logo

There has never been anything like this before. The hope and excitement is infectious, and there’s a buzz in the community.

We’ve thought it through and through and through. So what will it look like?…

Envision a 4 story facility here…

The Jivan Freedom Center.  It’s a facility that will have 4 floors of working, connecting, learning and living space. It will also have a store front and a food bank. It’s in a perfect location for the community of women and girls to come together, to feel safe and be celebrated for who they are.

We already have a Canadian construction manager in place that’s willing to come and oversee the project, a national engineer and an architect to step in and start when the land is purchased.

We’ve had countless hours of video meetings talking with them about this facility, even the girls have a clear vision for this.  They too have a strong desire to reach the community of youth that are lost, suicidal and in search of hope and life.

The drawings are taking shape as we imagine and visualize what this could look like in this village community.

another angle of the land
PHOTO-2018-06-25-08-08-22 (1)
“We have a dream for this to become a reality. Won’t you consider partnering with us to make it happen?”… Thank you so much. xo