Welcome to our Jivan Sewing Center, we are so proud of this team! Here’s a few snapshots of our Amazing Women and Artisans!


This is Malina, our Bamangacchi Community Director

Malina… is a wife of 15 years, mother of one biological daughter and 5 years ago they have adopted into their family, 2 young girls. She is passionate about her work, humble and teachable. Without Malina’s heart of compassion and natural leadership, The Jivan Life Center wouldn’t be possible! She has dedicated her life to mentor, teach, influence, and lead these girls and women into lives of freedom, strength and financial independence. 



This is Rina, without her, The Jivan Life Center for Women and girls would not exist. She has made it possible for us to set up our production room right here on the third level of her home. She has seen our commitment and the value of this center right here in the village. It would have been be very difficult to continue production and community meetings in Malina’s home bedroom… So grateful. 



Shebika is on the left, she is Malina’s right hand assistant and a gifted and highly talented art designer for our kantha products. Sharima is on the right, she lives in the village and has been one of our main suppliers of upscale salvaged silks. She is very happy to be a part of this community business. The income is helping her to support her mother.

Shebika, is an integral part of daily productions here at Jivan.  She is working along side Malina, assisting her in anything and everything from ironing, marketing,  and collecting fabrics to designing the art work on each kantha sheet. There is no task too menial for her. We are so thankful for her. 

Protima, Shefali and Sholoka are, in our opinion 3 of the finest Kantha stitch Artisans in India! How did we get so blessed?! 🙂

Jahanara BiBi is one of our Kantha Stitch Artisans, a mother of 3 daughters. She is so happy that now she earns income to help with their education and help her growing family.


From a 20 year old single mother to an 80 year old widow… these 3 women are highly talented artisans and all in need of income. Here at Jivan Life Center…

We all benefit!