Malina and I in Kolkata 2019

Our mission is to empower girls and women through mentoring, training and education – by providing a safe and supportive community center, giving them the opportunity and freedom to learn a skill, earn an income, and create a life of hope and sustainability.

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Brenda Weidner,


Founder, Executive Director
Hands of Compassion Foundation


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1463 Johnston Road PO Box 71585

White Rock, BC Canada V4B 5J5

Telephone: 604.536.4500


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Hands of Compassion Foundation was founded in 2005 to support educational and sustainable business projects in Myanmar, India, Africa and Nicaragua.

We believe that in order to alleviate generational poverty, economic opportunities must be created for people, especially women, so they can be financially independent and free to make the decisions for the betterment of their lives and the lives of their children.  Projects have included building schools and orphanages, developing care programs for children’s homes, training programs for caregivers, health and well-being programs for families living in slums, leadership and vocational training programs for women…all with the goal to develop financial independence and sustainability.