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Our Story,

 The Jivan Freedom Center is small but mighty. It was created to help girls and women have access to opportunities that they need to be free and succeed in life. Designed as a community meeting place and a sewing center that’s based out of Malina’s home in a village in India.


It offers mentoring, training and other empowerment strategies. This is a safe place where they are encouraged, valued, enjoy a meal, learn a skill, and connect with other girls and women.


This gives them an opportunity to learn, be encouraged and earn an income to prevent common scenarios like prostitution, child marriage, suicide, homelessness, and give them hope and help when they are abandoned and abused.

Why Jivan? Well it simply means “Life and freedom.”​ 

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I have known Malina since 2008 and she is no stranger to pain and suffering. This is why she is so passionate about training and mentoring the girls and women in her community.

It started 4 years ago with two young girls.

Malinas girls.JPG

She brought them in and loves them like her own. Sadly, her donor passed away and left her vulnerable and desperate. We stepped in to fill the gap, to help her find ways to become financially independent. We collaborated and realized her amazing gifts of sewing and teaching…

The Jivan Freedom Center was born!

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She realizes there are so many more girls at risk and women that need to be reached and helped. We believe that we can help reduce the atrocities many women are facing by focusing on solutions that will empower them and begin to break down cultural norms.

At Jivan they are being encouraged to learn a sewing skill. For most, it will the first time they will earn their own income.

Working here is not based on their skill set because we believe every woman and girl can be trained to do something, regardless of their physical limitations, age or lack of education.

Your purchases have impact, and by choosing Jivan products you are empowering us to help more and more women to rise up from a hopeless situation to be a confident wage earner and begin to make positive decisions for their lives and their children.


“Every girl and woman has value, purpose and a dream,

and it’s our mission to help her fulfill it… one at a time.”


​”We want to bring their stories and products to you.”

                                                                       –Love Brenda



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