A diamond in the rough…

IMG_1412Malina is a true gem. A diamond in the rough … she is certainly no stranger to pain and  suffering.

Growing up in a slum in Kolkata, she fully understands the needs of her own family and those of her former surrounding neighbors. She always has a hand out to help “anyone” in need, even if it means taking out of her own supply for her own family. Malina has been teaching the kids in the slum school for several years and has taught sewing skills to women that desperately need an income. She’s a gifted and compassionate teacher, mentor…and mother.

Just a few years ago she was presented with an opportunity to move out of the slum where she grew up and find a home to raise up the 2 young girls that needed a home. This was an opportunity she dreamed of. On a daily basis Malina is surrounded with girls that are in desperate situations. It breaks her heart that she can’t help more.

“Auntie, the need is so much”, she says.

She is married and a mother of one daughter, and has adopted those 2 girls into her home to nurture them to health and wholeness. Her love continues to grow  for them as they do life together as a family.


Their donor suddenly and sadly passed away a couple years ago and that’s where we stepped in.   Hands of Compassion jumped on board to fill the gap until we could find a sustainable solution . It amazes me still, that after more than a decade of working in India, what a significant impact our canadian money makes.

It’s a partnership. As my vision continues to grow for these girls in India. I realize that we need more Malina’s, and mentors to love these girls to health and wholeness, providing them with opportunities they would not have otherwise. These girls really want to learn a skill more than anything. They want to learn to sew, computer technology, dance, fitness, business and so much more! They have dreams deep down inside, they have a voice. They need an opportunity.

The plight of young girls in India is devastating! There are far too many mothers willing to give up their daughters to the streets because they simply can’t afford to keep them. There are runaways that are girls lost in the sextrade… we can do so much more.

Malina has a success story of how one loving mother and father has the ability to transform the lives of 2 young girls… with our partnership.

They’re thriving in every single way!




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