The faith to teach

When I first met Rosy her life seemed so bleak. Life’s difficulties and painful events had left her feeling depressed and hopeless. Among other things, there was simply not enough money to provide for her sick parents and younger brother. With nothing left over for education, Rosy could see no way out. Growing up in a slum in Kolkata has many, many challenges, and as the oldest child, supporting the family rested firmly on her shoulders.

When my friend Ritika introduced us we immediately bonded. As we talked – a spark of hope – it became obvious that Rosy longed to teach! There was a Christian campus just outside Calcutta and we prayed that she would be accepted. When the acceptance letter arrived a few months later we were overjoyed! Together we prepared for this new purpose in her life and she went off to school with huge determination.

RosyRecently I received this letter from Rosy:

“I am over joyed that God has fullfill my dream and I am very thankful to dear Brenda who stood with me in prayer and money support and also I want to thank Ritika and family for their guidance in my life.  I am so thankful to Jesus who listend my prayer and I could over come through many trial in my life. Today I am so proud to hold FIRST CLASS CARTIFICATE for a teacher degree! ONCE AGAIN THANK YOU FOR ALL WHAT YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME! Please pray for me continually that I am get Job soon and help my family, my father is in sick bed he not able to do any work, THANKS.”

I cannot find adequate words to express the fulfillment and joy I feel to see the outcome of investing in this young woman! Her faith and hard work have now given her this proud smile! She hopes to teach in a Christian School near the family home in the slum so that she can continue to care for her family.

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