What does love look like?

It looks like this. A child, in pain, dying.

what does love look like?

When I look at this picture my heart is ripped out. I am anguished by his suffering. I ask myself, how can I ease his pain?

Young boys work in grown-up jobs all over the world. In dangerous jobs. In this case, a young, orphaned boy tumbled out of a truck overloaded with rocks that he had been helping to distribute. He was earning a mere dollar a day, which translates to about 850 kyat in Burma. A pittance, but what were his options?

After his accident, the already emaciated Soe Min became seriously ill. With no-one prepared to take him in, he somehow found his way to our orphanage. The hospital could do nothing more for him, but at the orphanage he found care. For a short time, he had a loving, nurturing home. He died in dignity a few weeks later, surrounded by caregivers who cherished him until the end.

That’s what love looks like.